Our winery is picturesquely nestled within the extraordinary cultural landscape of the wine region Baden, at the beginning of the Durbach valley. In our family viniculture is a tradition since 1672.

We are especially proud of the 160 year old mill which belongs to our enterprise. Lovingly restored it today serves as a special place for eventful wine tastings, celebrations and festivities. Every year in May we are organising our traditional courtyard festival which is a marvellous meeting point for wine-loving, food affectionate friends.

The building was acquired by us in 2007. Everything was reconstructed and restored. A lot of the work was done by ourselves and a large part of the project was made possible with the generous help of the evangelical congregation Kecharismai on the Swabian Alp. The monks are living according to the Benedictine rule “Live and work”. They know Alexander since he was a child and they helped him build up his winery with pleasure. They are also wine connoisseurs. When they saw the work the young wine-grower was faced with they did not hesitate to support him with craftsmanship and drive. This is how a very charming and spacious winery was created in the midst of a beautiful landscape. Visit us! Enjoy the impressive natural environment followed by a delicious wine tasting in our premises. We are looking forward to seeing you!


„No technology in the world can replace the sense and the hand of a vintner.“

Our beautiful homeland and the unique terroir are providing our wines with the necessary fertile ground. All of our vineyards are placed in South West locations. They are sun-caressed and ideally ventilated. Our wine-growing areas are providing the basis of our whole business and are therefore the highest treasure of our winery.

Year by year best grapes are grown on calcareous soil, loess and eroding lime stones. Everything happens in harmony with nature. Our wines are as diverse, rich and multifaceted as flora and fauna. Every single production step is being carried out per hand. We are keeping our grapevines in a physiological balance so they endow us with little aromatic fruit. We are especially proud of our old vines, some of them being older than 50 years already. Outstanding wines can only be produced from grapevines being at least 25 years old. Just as people they are becoming considerate at an advanced age. We will cultivate this approach in the future so our vineyards can grow old and last for a long time. 


„The ground determines the character.“

The memory of nature is saved in the ground. This recorded history of our earth can lead to reappearing constancies in taste because of the geographical individualities of the ground. If, for instance, the soil is characterised by lime, these components will later be mirrored and tasted in the wine and will characterise it.

The soil structures of the individual vineyard plots reach from a loose, sandy surface of the loam-loss ground to the stiff and brittle texture of granite. These different compositions of the ground make the wide aromatic range of our wines possible and therefore make them unique in their broad selection.



„Only something that is given time can become something big.“

Our Rieslings are growing on limestone clay in the rising promontory in the northern Ortenau region in Sinzheim Baden-Baden. This surface allows for a lot of yellow-pulped aromas to develop. The Riesling loves moderate temperatures, cool nights and sunny days.

Our Burgundies are growing in the south on a surface of eroding lime stones covered by a top layer of loess close to Lahr. Here we can find perfect circumstances for Burgundies with gentle breezes and long hours of sunlight.

Our variety of Bouquets grows on residual granite located in Durbach. The ground distinguishes itself through warming up very quickly in springtime. The bud break of the vines takes place two to three days earlier than on heavier grounds. This phenomenon guarantees high must weights.


„Giving the wines all the time in the world.“

We are putting a lot of effort in ensuring a consequent and careful processing during the vinification of our grapes. Avoiding any coarse mechanic activities such as the pumping process of the mash is our first concern. 

It is of utmost importance to give developing wines the particular time they need from the beginning. As the saying goes this is controlled doing nothing. The young wines are being tasted every day to accompany them along their way.


Enjoying with all your senses.

„Literally feeling and tasting the grape in the glass.“

Comfortably sitting in the little house of our mill, feeling the warmth of the wooden walls, sitting on wooden benches at long tables and waiting for precious wines... Seeing the wine pour in the glass slowly and tasting it full of excitement. This way the wine itself is becoming an event.

Wine tastings are being held for eight or more persons. They take place either in the tasting room of our winery or inside the old mill. Choose between six and eight wines with bread, cheese and vespers, according to your wishes.

Let us accompany you on the exploration of the world of wines.