Our classification - The Stars

A wine connoisseur trusts in the competence of his or her vintager! The wine maker is provided with a detailed insight into terroir and vintification, cellar and quality of the finished wine. The stars on the labels are to be seen as indications regarding these quality features.

Alongside the Oechsle-grades of the grape there are many other standards and criterions that have to be fulfilled for a wine to be awarded with a star.

The stars are given out on the basis of many different categories. Especially considered are the fruit acid, the coloration of the grape, the consistency of the fruit pulp and the condition of the berry as well as the spectrum and the diversity of the aromas of the individual grape variety.

This is a wine for every day - a wine to enjoy, a wine that never disappoints us. It reflects the regional terroir and the character of the grapevine.

Nature dictates the rhythm for our wines. These wines are of remarkable quality. The maximum amount harvested in this classification is 65 hectolitres per hectare. The taste of the grape mirrors when enjoying a glass of this delicious wine.

They form the top end of our wine selection. This category includes wines of intense minerality and originality and wines from the best vineyard locations. We only gather a harvest of less than 50 hectolitres per hectare of these exquisite wines. They rank among the top qualities, nationally and internationally speaking. This is our claim.