„Our wines are fruity, elegant and aromatic.“

Our Rieslings, Burgundies and Chardonnays are aromatic, fruity, elegant and of a distinct minerality. The residual granite soil is heating up very quickly in the springtime while the calcareous soil is bringing out a wide range of aromas from the grapes. 

All of our white wines are vinified in a stainless steel tank to ensure that the delicate fruit aromas are being retained.


„Things go completely differently with red wine.“

Our Burgundies are growing on Jura covered by a top layer of loess ranging in size between 60 centimetres and 22 metres. These are typical proportions for Burgundies. Our traditional type of wine is the Pinot Noir because Baden is known as the Burgundy region. We have successfully extended our selection with the very special “Lemberger”.

Our red wines are being traditionally fermented on the mash and matured in wooden barrels.